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Project Description  – Website was the cornerstone for Stargazer Design. It all started with this website. A (personal) history of can be found at the bottom of this page. Below you can find the last version of before the site was taken offline.

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Article about in Germans music Magazine VISIONS. mentioned in a Computer magazine.

The URL printed on a promo cassette  of EMI Germany.

History of – a (short) personal view back

It all has to start somewhere and was the start of everything when it comes to Stargazer Design.
The website started as a fanpage back in late 2000 and was the first website I’ve ever created. At the beginning the site was completely in German and it didn’t take long before the band became aware of it and asked to make it to the official German Tea Party site, which lead to a link on the startpage of Along with this EMI Germany invited me to their German Headquarter in Cologne to discuss promo and marketing aspects and printed the URL on official promo items and in ads, addtional (sometimes exclusive) to the official URL.

The more popular the site became, the more people asked me if I can run the site in English, ’cause back in the days Facebook & Co was none-existent and the official website wasn’t updated very often (_understatement_).  So became bilingual and was featured in magazines like VISIONS (big German music magazine) or COM! (Computer magazine). I also fed German music magazines with the latest Tea Party news, which they printed along with the URL That was nice and made the site even more popular.

Original version of when it launched in 2000.
Look of in 2003.
Header of Studio Diary page run by Jeff Burrows on
Re-design of back in 2004, with a hand coded community system.
While it was Stuart Chatwood who contacted me initially, Jeff Burrows became my contact person and biggest supporter. He served me with News and ran an exclusive Tour and later Studio diary on, where he wrote about the recording sessions of ‘Seven Circles’. At the same time I planed a re-launch of with the help of a friend who hand-coded(!!) a huge community system, where users were able to create their own profile and upload content like memorable Tea Party items. The site was online for a few month before Jeff Martin left The Tea Party – so all the work was for nothing. With Jeff Martins leaving some heated discussion flashed up on the Official Tea Party Forum which was also run by That was pretty much the end of When the band re-united back in 2011 I did a quick re-launch of but it never was what it once was for me (because of many reasons) and nowadays is offline.

I would like to thanks all he people who supported me while the project was up and running! Too many to name here, but friendships were build out of this and still exist! Thanks for the great time! ~Marco