Who we are…


I first started working on a website, which was a fanpage and where I was fortunate enough to learn things step by step. With time I started to expand my work to a full range of design for both print and screen.

Working nowadays for my own company, I appreciate the freedom to take the time I need for a project to finish it until you and I are 100% satisfied with the result. I’m slow in what I’m doing, because I care – so if you need something to be done yesterday, I’m not your man.
Otherwise we could become partners in crime and pixels…



Working more than 15 years in the publishing business, Sabine developed exceptional skills and an eye for detail when it comes to design requirements and preparation of digital artwork for print. Sabine is known for being highly accurate and “feared” for her quality-control of fonts and typography, layout, colour separation and design.


Greg Campbell has been involved in music merchandising since 1992 working for worldwide companies such as Brockum and Anthill. He has toured with the likes of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Guess Who, Josh Groban, and The Tea Party.

He now owns Swagger Merchandising which handles North American touring for Jeff Beck and Diana Ross, plus worldwide trouring for Bachman + Turner, Burton Cummings, Gowan, and Jeff Martin, among others.

He also runs Extreme Merchandising Logistics which handles tour logistics and importing/exporting for other merch companies and works with acts such as Adele, Styx, Brian Setzer, Levon Helm (of The Band), Barenaked Ladies, and Simple Plan.

More info on mymusicfire.com